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Miami Corporate Catering

At Cast Catering, we are equipped to cater to all your company's food and bar service needs, from a small office breakfast catering to a large corporate event in Miami, FL. Our aim is to help you impress clients, recognize employees, and thank business partners with exceptional customer care and high-quality food. You can rely on us as a dependable partner for all your catering requirements. We are among the top corporate catering companies in Miami, FL, and have a team of experienced corporate event caterers who can handle any catering needs of corporate events.

For each buffet order, we offer a variety of items such as bread, garden salad with two dressings, gourmet cookies, cheesecake brownies, bottled water, plates, napkins, as well as serving and eating utensils.

If you prefer boxed orders, we provide garden salad with one dressing, an individually wrapped chocolate chip cookie, bottled water, and a pre-packaged utensil and napkin set.

Cancelation Policy:  The caterer must receive notification of cancellation at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations on the day of the event are not allowed, but they can be redirected to a different address if the caterer is informed in a timely manner.

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