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Production Team Catering

Our catering services are perfect for production teams, offering quick, diverse, and nutritious options to keep energy levels high throughout filming. We understand the industry's demands and prioritize convenience, efficiency, and quality in every meal we provide.

1. Quick and Easy: Meals that can be served efficiently to minimize disruptions in the production schedule.

2. Portable: Foods that are easy to transport and eat on-the-go, as production teams may not have time for sit-down meals.

3. Variety: A diverse selection of dishes to accommodate different dietary preferences and restrictions among team members.

4. Healthy Options: Nutritious meals and snacks to keep energy levels high and maintain focus throughout the day.

5. Light and Digestible: Foods that are not too heavy, preventing lethargy or discomfort during filming.

6. Hydration: Inclusion of beverages and hydrating options like water, juices, or electrolyte drinks to keep everyone refreshed.

20% Services Charge and Florida Tax of 7% to Additionally Apply to All Food, Beverage, and Staff Fee.

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